Home, Office and Commercial Printers, continuous ink systems and ink and toner supplies and refills

Don't be left out in the cold by an empty printer cartridge at a crucial moment. Get your ink and toner refilled cheaply and professionally or switch to a continuous ink system which never requires cartridge replacement again.

What is a Continuous Ink System ?

Continuous Ink Systems are an external bulk ink system supplying ink directly to your inkjet printer. The Continuous Ink comes complete with everything you need to easily install to your printer. It has built-in ink level monitoring systems and informs you when inks need replacing. Then, simply replace or refill the ink tanks. No messy ink bottles to handle!
For bulk printing needs such as schools, offices and photocopy shops a continuous ink system is essential and offers savings of 20x on regular ink systems.

Do I need to replace the printer cartridges ?

No. Once your Continuous Ink is installed all you will have to do is replace the external pre-filled ink tanks. This can even be done during printing.

Do you refill and supply regular ink systems ?

Yes ! We can re-fill your inkjet and laser cartridges safely and economically for all major brands of printers. Don't spend a fortune on your printing needs when we can save you money with our professional ink supply services.

Do you supply other printing needs ?

Yes ! We can supply industry grade laminators, ink, and a wide range of paper and peripherals as well as provide full servicing solutions for your printing equipment whether it be home or industry-grade.

Our Guarantee:

The cheapest, most reliable printing systems on the market for everyone from home to industrial users.

We can also
  • Re-fill regular ink cartridges
  • Re-fill laser toner cartridges
  • Provide higher-capacity cartridges
  • Service your printer and show you how to use it
  • Supply paper, laminators and all your other publishing needs
  • Help you choose the right printer for your needs and set it up for you