Expert Data Recovery Services. Hard drives, USB sticks, SD cards

Hard disks can die at any time. When they do, you lose your most precious memories. But don't worry. We can get them back, guaranteed.

Sometimes a fall or a bump can destroy your hard drive, and sometimes we just make mistakes that cause our data to disappear. Well don't fret, and most importantly, don't touch the system. Shut it down immediately and do not turn it back on. Continuing to use it or installing "recovery software" will write over the missing data, so if you can't access your data, the first thing to do is shut the system down and call for help !

Hard drive recovery isn't as easy as just running a program, despite what people think. Most times it's a painstaking process of crawling the entire disk looking for lost files that can sometimes take as long as a week for a large drive.

Don't risk your data with an amateur who thinks they know what they're doing. Saigon Fix-it can recover data off drives from any system - Mac OS X, Windows or Linux, even if you can't read the drive or boot the computer.

We use the most advanced forensic software available to scan every inch of the disk looking for recoverable files. Sometimes unusual physical tricks have to be employed to coax a dying hard disk to give up its contents.

To ensure that you don't get any bill shock, we give you an estimate of the time required shortly after starting the job and we allow you to specify a limit on how much you can afford to spend. If you're on a budget we'll still try and recover as much as we can.

In any situation where the drive is unrecoverable or we cannot retrieve anything of value, you pay nothing for our services.

Yes ! We recover it, or it's free !

Our Guarantee:

If we don't manage to retrieve
your data, you pay nothing !

Data Recovery Checklist
  • Turn it off immediately!
  • Leave it off! Seriously!
  • Call an expert
  • Gather all necessary cables for the machine
  • Give it to us
  • Receive an estimate and set a limit
  • Relax while we rescue you!
  • Feel relieved when your data is returned on either DVD or a new HDD